G,day folks.The Australian adventure continues at pace as I head north up the coast road towards Sydney.Well not at pace really,more like pedestrian pace.The order of the day now is take in all this glorious weather and scenery as it comes .plenty of hours on these deserted awesome beaches and just take a few chill pills.Store it all up for the mighty USA. At the moment I am in a small town called Bermagui making the most of their library and planning my attack for the next few days as the thunder gods are out in force today. I must admit that the Aussies have it right when it comes to lifestyles..When I look at us Brits with our frenetic approach to living life at 100 mph.Then I look at the laid back attitude of your average Australian,then I must admit we are a poor cousin in relation.but I guess we just don’t have the constant nice weather and built in infrastructure to lead our life like your typical Aussie.BBQ ,fishing,not that I am a fisherman by any means of the imagination,but I could sure take it up.But in many ways they are just like us and their need to work to pay for all this becomes there priority leaving little time to reap the rewards of their hard work.And such is life’s viscous circle.You really need to find the time to get the balance right before life passes you bye and your to old or infirm to make these choices.Well that’s enough of my sermon for today.As I sit in the library in Bermagui watching the passing storm as it floods the road outside ,I can reflect on the last few days on the road with the steed..No dramas.But don’t try and get to close to a brown snake while taking his photo because they can turn an a sixpence.belive me they can turn quicker than a priest in a kindergarten.Still didn’t get the snap I wanted.I even chased a huge monitor lizard across the picnic ground with my video camera only for the bugger to run up the nearest tree.some more footage destined for the cutting room floor. Even had the joy of a spider bite on the top of my leg ,which swelled up to a nice fingernail sized lump.As I was miles from a doctors and it didn’t seem to be troubling me or getting worse I just had to let nature take its course and pray I didn’t have to finish my adventure with only one leg. But I must admit that Australia is not as bad as people make out regarding their wee beasties.Just don’t go looking for them or upsetting them and they will leave you alone 99% of the time.oh and on that note a wee lad got bitten the other week by a trap door spider and he needed a record 12 jabs of anti venom to stablize him..guess he was that 1% .It looks like it’s going to be an early bath today regarding the cycling so will have a day studying in the geography section.Plan my next big trip which will be only a small one back across USA,then down the pan American highway.A few years away from now though,but a must before I hang my panniers up.Well folks that’s about it,with over 25’000 km now achieved  And not quite a year on the saddle I don’t think I’ve done too bad for an old grandad.from a stormy Australia I bid you farewell till next time..thanks for following and take care.Now where did I stuff that anti venom again..bye..doogie..oh and I must wish my mam a happy Mother’s Day and hope you enjoy your flowers.x


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