Ring of fire

Hi folks.hope you enjoyed your bank holiday.Well as the old Jonny cash song says”I fell into a burning ring of fire”,well actually my beloved Brooke’s armchair gave up the fight.(that’s my saddle)l mean what a time to fall apart.It just became so uncomfortable all of a sudden,and upon inspection I discovered the front tension bolt was completely missing leaving it almost useless and definetlty very painfull and in danger off falling apart all together.So I had no option other than buy a new armchair for the steed.those of you not familiar with cycling or saddles”Brooke’s  are the cycle tourists choice when it comes to comfort over long distances”and I must admit to buying mine 6 months before I set off so I could get the leather shaped to my butt.And hell it was so damm comfy.I am bringing it home as I know Brooke’s will fix or replace it no question.So with only six weeks left of my trip I had to bite the bullet and get a mid range saddle from wal-mart.No time to run another Brooke’s saddle in,let alone try to find one.Well it was like mounting a cactus for the first few days and I am sure Mr cash was having a good chortle to his self as I squirmed oblong the road trying to get a little bit of comfort.I sure had a ring of fire ,that’s for sure.Even now two weeks later it’s still giving me ring sting,the sudacrem I bought in Australia has been a godsend I can tell you.And so changing the subject completely and my visit to the King of Rock’n’roll.Well to see his house in Memphis .(GRACELANDS).I must admit I was never a massive fan of the guy,but credit where credit is due the guy could knock a good tune out and looking at the set up around his gaff he is one huge american(world)icon.And gee the place is one massive dollar making machine.Still getting over 650’000 visitors a year at prices from $47.50 for the basic tour which is house and his two private planes.To $97.00 for vip tour which includes museums and fast tracking the que,s.So after handing over my $47.50 I was told I would have to wait an hour till I could join the house tour.So I chained up the steed to the fence running along the side of the museums as instructed, then hopped over the fence and into the museums to fill in the hour before the tour,saving myself an extra $15.00.The guy had great Taste in cars I must say,gee the guy even bought a de-tomaso pantera ,one of my all time favorite sports cars.Allthough it did have two bullet holes in the dashboard where he shot it when it would not start,top guy again .Any way I got busted coming out as I could not get through the turnstiles with my ticket.Managed to bluff myself out of that then joined the long que for the shuttle bus across the highway to gracelands itself.over an hour later and it was time to join another que at the front door to Graceland.I was struck by just how small the house is itself.Now don’t get me wrong,i am not talking 3 bed semi,but a big mansion it ain’t.But non the less it was very interesting ,and to say it has never been touched/ altered since the great man himself passed away in 1979,or was it 1977.Well the guy sure shot up in my estimations just for his pure taste in 60’s/70’s decor alone,what a top pad it must have been in its day,even the famous jungle room had shag pile carpet on the ceiling.Even with all the waiting it is must see tour if you are inn or around Memphis at any time in the future.And when I was heading south out of Memphis I even called in to see elvis Presley’s family home in Tupelo /Mississippi.Which is little more than a medium sized garden shed. But a great man he was non the less.well folks must jump back on my cactus and hit the road again.I am now down south in Alabama in a city called Mobile resting my cheeks before I head along the coast towards Georgia then the end game state of California.Least I can take my foot off the gas now and have a few easy weeks before I have to start and think about funding my next trip.Which means joining the rat race again..oh well.like all good things.!!!Better make the most of it while the sun is shining.thanks for following folks .speak to you all soon.doogie🚴🏽🚴🏽😰😰🙈✈️✈️


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