Billy Reay (who needs a cockerel to wake you)

Hi folks.been a damp few days in southern Alabama I must say..Blame them Mexicans sending all that damp air from that gulf of theirs.Well lots to see in this part of the states that is for sure and although the rain is a constant ,at least it’s of the very warm variety .Been to some buitifull gardens south of mobile called Bellingrath.The place was recomennded off a very good friend of mine and was well worth the 50 mile round trip to fit it in.The home and gardens where owned by one of the first guys to buy a Coca Cola franchise for bottling the stuff.And it looks like his $1500 USD was a sound investment judging by the house and gardens.But that was at the turn of the last century so I guess it was a massive sum of money then.he was a workaholic and his young wife was a spendaholic.And boy did she spend some money on the house and gardens.Well after a three hour look around the place I had to fight my way back through mobile,which is no small city.Once through this very nice (historical)city I had to get across the vast river estuary via several bridges and dykes which was a challenge at the best of times,but made more tricky by the high tide,strong winds and low dykes.Like cycling through a salt water car wash for several miles and no good for my ring of fire. So once across my plan now is to hug the coast line as much as I can.One thing I can say about this part of Alabama is it stinks of money.The first town I hit called Montrose had some amazing property. It was in Montrose where came across  An American legion club.Saw the sign outside”public welcome”and strolled right in at the start of happy hour.Well it would be rude to not to have a shandy or two after getting the OK to pitch up in the rear garden for the night.And at only €1.50 a bottle a thirst has to be quenched.The place was full of veterans and vagrants.guess I would come under the vagrant label as I am only a veteran of the road.Still I had a great few hours with some rather strange company.Just as well the dusk decended,as I made this my excuse to try and pitch my tent in the darkening sky’s.The beer made the job at hand a bit longer than the usual 15 mins.But at least getting to sleep was not an issue.And neither was getting up,because that’s when Billy Reay hit the lawn behind the legion club.5.30am.YES.5.30 bleeding am.Jesus Christ knows what this guy was on.dressed in a pair of shorts and a cowboy hat and boots with his guitar(he couldn’t play)he mimed along to a  a country and western medley . He was still at it as I hit the road a bit earlier than I had planned.nowt as strange as folk.Thank god he wasn’t in the bar on the previous night,or was he,who knows. So the next town I hit very early was called fair hope.which made Wynyard look like a council estate. Never seen so many huge gated beach front property’s in my life. How the other half live.Just vast money pits I had to tell myself with a shaking of my head.oh well folks I bid you bye bye for now.Catch up very soon.thanks for following.Will have to be carefull around here now as I passed a sign saying.DONT FEED ALLIGATOR.not be pitching on that nice secluded river bank tonight me thinks.Doogie


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