Distant shores,And the end game

Hi folks.I hope you are all well and getting as much rain as I am in Florida.I think the sign at the state crossing was a bit optimistic saying the sunshine state.It should of actually said the rainy state.Well it took me a week to finally reach the Atlantic coast and once I had dipped my wee pinkies into the warm ocean waters it was game over.My quest to cycle around the world was at an end.One great amazing adventure had ran its full course and I still had three weeks before the tin bird took me home to the UK.I guess it will be a time to reflect and start to plan my next big tour.Life on a tour cycle can be very tough at times,whether it’s a steep gradient,or fighting the cyclists worse enemy(strong head winds)there is rarely a dull moment.The rewards are high ,that much I can say.I have been very lucky to be able to cycle around the world.There will be lots of people who would love to do likewise and maybe the thought of a big tour would put them off from the very start.But the freedom cycling gives you in any shape or form is to be embraced.Plus the added bonus of getting some stress free exercise in not to be sniffed at.I know this journey will change my life in some shape or form,and I know my only meaning holidays/vacation in the future will involve a cycle tour,whether it be a short tour at home or Europe,or some place further afield.I know I have to now shut up shop now and put myself through the hum drum life of a 9to5 job.This I am dreading more than anything else.I am not whinging or complaining ,in fact I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends,and having a real pint of beer.I am lucky to be returning to such a country like ours.especially after going through some of the country’s I have experienced along my journey. Yes we may have fanatical terrorists trying to blow us to bits,but these vile people are a very small minority.On a whole 99.9% of all the people I have met over the last 15 months in the 23 countrys I have travelled are no different to myself or you.Kind loving people who just want a peaceful life,devoid of terrorist threats or war in any shape or form.I have truly ate lots of humble pie in many a poor country along my travels.But we all have a common goal in our lives,and that is to get on with our fellow men.So all you world leaders,just give it a rest and ,in the words of Mr John Lennon.give peace a chance.So the open road will be calling me soon and life for me will never ever be the same again. Even now I hunger the the challenge of a new country, a new culture and all it has to offer,or not in some rare cases.And so I must tell you all about my little brief hospital visit in the USA.it all started about two weeks ago,when I had a small graze on my back.I had reached around and thought I had loosened a scab off the graze and just thought it would drop off once it was ready.So a few days later when I had pitched up my tent for the night I felt a little niggle in the middle of my back and once again reached around and felt a little scab.But there was something not quite right and the only way to investigate was with my digital camera.Several snaps later,zoom in x16,and hey presto their it was.A bleeding tic buried neck deep into my back.So out come the alcholic wipes,smear on some biological hand wash and smother for ten mins.Feel around again and it was either pissed,or it was dead.So out come my favorite eye brow tweezers(enough said there)and after a few seconds of fumbling and squeezing I had one tic removed and now all I needed was some medical advice.Now the red deer tic can carry some nasty disease called ,.Lyme disease.After a bit of investigation and research involving the daughter and the internet I realised the best plan of action was a course of anti biotics,sooner rather than later.So the next day it was a trip to the chemist,who could not supply over the counter And advised I go to a walk in centre.So a few miles later and I enter the walk in centre where I was advised to go to a hospital as I needed a proper assessment. And so I walk into the first available A&E department and explain the situation.I mean all I need is a bleeding prescription for some anti biotics,how hard can that be.So in to  an A&E  I go.Duty nurse has a look and says she needs the doctor to have a look,suprise.So in walks the doc 5 mins later. I explain the situation about the tic,the removal,ect ect.Oh yes he says,they can carry some serious life threatening disease called Lyme disease.(Thankyou Sherlock now just  give me a prescription) I will write you out a prescription for a course of anti biotics.RESULT.Half an hour later and they will sent the bill to my address in the UK.Which will prob be about a thousand dollars.Just need to get in touch with my insurance company and tell them about that one.A trip to the chemist the next morning and for $40.00 I can start my course of tablets. Which by the way can ,and did cause all sorts of side effects.From severe sunburn to profuse sweating and loose stools.I had the lot,apart from the severe head aches,PHEW.well folks could be the last blog so I would like to thank you all for following my journey.i hope you have enjoyed my blogs as much as I have writing them.A special thankyou to my close family for all your support along the way.especially my eldest daughter (Jessica)and editor in chief for my blog site.and a special thankyou to my good friend Helen Baillie for running my affairs back in Blighty in my absence.Thank you for all your comments whether they have been constructive or not.Its been one awesome trip .I will be writing a book of my journey and hope I can get it published in some shape or form.take care folks ,it’s been a blast,and it won’t be my last.Doogie.PS love you mam,see you in a few weeks.xx


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  1. Alan gamble says:

    Free loading little bugger. Hope you are ok mate. Enjoy your last few weeks looking forward to a short ride with you.
    Take care and keep riding


    1. Ha ha.it must of thought it was a free bar.😠😠.looking forward to a leg stretch with the gang.πŸš΄πŸ½πŸš΄πŸ½πŸ‘


  2. Alan Gamble says:

    Youv’e done it mate
    Youv’e dipped your toe
    Where you will end up only you will know.

    Many a tale you will have to tell
    Just don’t put us to sleep
    And put us through hell

    Saturday rides won’t be the same
    Having a bacon butty
    Instead of waking in a drain

    The people you have met
    The places you have seen
    Won’t be the same when riding through Crimdon Dene

    From North Shields to Europem and Asia too
    The great wide world
    Has been opened to you.

    We welcome you back with open arms
    A safe journey to you before landing in Yarm.

    Cheers bud.

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