Can you hear me “Major Tom”

Hi folks.. I trust your all well. A little tale from floridas space coast and the Kennedy space centre.Now if I can just bang the grey matter around my head and think back nearly a week I can begin..ahh yes,So it was last Friday when cycling down the east coast that I cycled into the place they call space city.Titusville,pronounced as you would guess,Titus-ville.But not the way I pronounced it to the duty sheriff ,much to his annoyance .And so this is an account of my Friday cycling (sightseeing )excursion into The Kennedy space centre,the heart off Americas domination in everything that leaves the earths orbit,and sometimes doesn’t .So 2.30  pm and off I go with an aim to get to the port of cape canaveral,a mere 25-30 miles across the complex on the only main road that is accessible (at limited times only for some vehicles)to joe public.There was quite a strong head wind blowing that afternoon that much I can remember as I headed towards the cape.And with the place been just one vast swamp there was no shelter from the wrath of Mother Nature and what she wanted to throw your way.So after an hour and a half and probably only ten to twelve miles into my journey I hit some cross roads,and as one route was for pass holders and NASA employees only I thought it best to take the only remaining road at my disposal.It did have a sign saying port canaveral,beach ect.ect.So riding on and not taking any notice of any other signs that might be of an informitive nature I proceed.I mean,I know the sign says alligators because it has a big picture of one on it,the same as the one with birds on,snakes,ect,ect.I wouldn’t get very far if I had to stop at every road sign in America and read the damm things.let alone the health and safety issues of stopping on the highway every time there’s a sign to bleeding read!!!.And so off I head ,all tickety boo.Must of gone at least half a mile before before the sirens and lights where on my case.So been the nice kind English gent I am ,I pulled onto the grass verge at the first immediate point of relief.No ,not a pee stop,just a post to rest the steed on while I tried to talk my way out of this one.So as the sheriff gets out of his car I can’t hear his radio talking about some lone loaded up cyclist on a restricted road.Guess that was me then,as I hadn’t passed any other cyclist loaded(as they put it)it just had to be me.So he says to me” didn’t you read the road signs sir when you entered the base”Well how was I to know it was restricted to cyclists at certain times of the day.And this just happened to be that time of the day.So I explained that when I left Tit-us – vile (You mean Titus-ville sir)I wasn’t aware of any restrictions and must have missed that sign.I even suggested it might have been obscured behind an alligator sign or some other sign.At the end of the day I was some where,well actually at some time of the day where I shouldn’t be.So after a lengthy process of ID checks.weapon thrisks and a general ticking off I was faced with another problem.Which just happened to be a big thunder storm heading our way.By this time my escort truck had been I couldn’t cycle.,due to restrictions as you know.Another twenty mins and my pick up truck arrives.The steed is de-robed and put on the truck for the journey back to Tit-us-ville.I ride back seat in the sheriffs rig and off we go just as the heavens open up.In fact we had a good craic in the police rig on the way back to space city..They even pulled in under cover at the car wash so as not to get a good soaking..I shook both their hands and told them I would now cycle in on the other road straight to the visitor in the morning.The sheriff said there was no restrictions on a week end but advised a taxi as the roads in the base have no shoulders .Nice bloke he was.So the next morning I was up deciding to cycle the short seven miles up Kennedy blv to the visitor and it was already busy busy.Locked the steed to the entrance railings(with permission)paid my €53.00USD,and 40 mins later I was heading into the visitor centre proper.A bit pricey but lots to do and see.could easily spend two days there..from the early Apollo rocket,to the space shuttle Atlantis to the new Mars lander.realy interesting stuff even without all the cinemas(3D)and simulators,and countless other exhibits on offer.So I came out at 6pm ,unchained the steed only to find the front tyre had a flat.Only my second ever puncture up front and still on original tyre from start.checed tyre for cause,strange,Big hole but no cause,maybe some vandalism…So de- robed the steed ,wheel off,puncture fixed and on my way up swamp road to the exit.And it was only when I had maybe done two miles that the cause of my puncture back at the railings became all too apparent.The side wall of my tyre had come away from the tyre bead.My tyre was dead in the water(well the swamp).So as I had no spare now after getting rid a week ago I had a dilemma on my hands.Even a couple of gators had swam over to have a chuckle at me.But twenty mins later,a new tube ,half a roll of gaffer tape and a prayer and we where all systems go.It was still holding strong when I pitched up that night but I knew it would not last the rest of the journey out.Once again in the morning I had to perform a temporary botch to see me through till I could find a spare tube.As luck would have it around lunch time I hit a giant wal-mart and my prayers where answered.Phew. Over 33,000 km that tyre had seen me through..Awesome performance..can’t recommend a schwallbe ultra marathon plus enough.Well folkthankfor sticking around in my final weeks. See you all soon.And maybe one last blog before I return home 4th July.bye for now .doogie.πŸš΄πŸ½πŸš΄πŸ½πŸ˜°πŸ†˜πŸ†˜


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  1. Alan gamble says:

    Haha mate never a dull moment you must have more cop friends than anyone else. Great way to avoid a thunderstorm!πŸš΄πŸš΄πŸš΄πŸš΄πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§


  2. Max says:

    Hi Doug,
    We met outside Nowra on the coast of NSW in Australia and rode together for a bit. Hope your campsite in the park by the beach went well that night.
    Glad to hear your trip is going well. Also glad to hear that tyre did 33,000km!


    1. Thanks.hope your well max.


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